Top 5 Intranet Software to enhance Teamwork in 2023

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Top 5 Intranet Software: There has been a dramatic shift in the way that businesses interact due to the advent of remote work and the proliferation of improved technologies. The answer is intranet software. Communications, workspaces, document storage, employee directories, knowledge sharing, and integrations: all of these are important features of intranet software.

What is an Intranet?

An intranet is a secure, internal network that helps employees of a company stay in touch with one another and share knowledge and resources. It is separate from the rest of the internet because only a particular set of people, like workers or members, have access to it.

What is Intranet Software?

When it comes to internal company communication, job allocation, and data analytics, many businesses rely on intranet software. The business may want to restrict access to only those working for the firm.

In general, research shows that company intranets raise levels of participation among workers. You may make a more streamlined digital operating system for team communication by using the same tools, calendars, and files across the board.

Here are Top 5 Intranet Software to use in 2023:

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint

Workplace information sharing and updates make version control an ongoing challenge. SharePoint, thankfully, facilitates simple administration of such shifts. SharePoint automatically generates and stores new versions of documents whenever they are modified. A convenient repository stores these versions, and reverting to an earlier version of the file is conceivable in the event of an emergency.

Collaboration is essential to the success of any organization, but it may be challenging to work with workers who are located in different physical locations or who are working from home. SharePoint’s goal is to facilitate teamwork by allowing members to collaborate on documents and projects regardless of physical proximity. Teams may use it to build shared reference materials like catalogues and wikis. Workflows, granular permissions, and access restrictions are just some of the tools included to make managing these components easier.

SharePoint also allows groups to rank the importance of certain tasks or suggestions. An easy-to-use voting system that is accessible to both staff and customers is one way to achieve this goal. Consequently, teams can see in real time which ideas are receiving the most support.

SharePoint’s scalability is another strong quality. It’s a useful tool for both large and small companies. You may choose between cloud hosting and hosting on your own server, with the latter giving you more control over your data and infrastructure.

Viva Engage

Viva Engage

Since the epidemic, Microsoft has invested heavily in Viva, and the new features seek to provide users with the resources they need to restore their work-life balance, maintain their engagement with their team, and foster a sense of community inside their organization.

With the new features, employees no longer have to leave the context of their teams to access the intranet and communicate with their coworkers. This pre-built template for an intranet lets workers keep up with what’s happening in the team, share their thoughts quickly, and access important discussions while staying in their preferred applications.

Viva also features a variety of social and educational activities meant to facilitate group work, informal and formal knowledge exchange, and the development of a sense of community. Among these are a Q&A forum, an online learning environment, and a chat feature designed to replace email for internal team communication.

Getting these social tools into the ‘flow’ of work, where they can be quickly located and utilized, is one of the primary hurdles in encouraging their widespread use. Microsoft has set up Viva in a place to achieve this by integrating it into Teams, the collaborative workplace most people use to begin their day.

This separation ensures that Teams remains the go-to app for meeting and call interactions that are project-specific and highly organized, while Viva is reserved for less formal, more sociable endeavors. The addition of new features like Leadership Corner helps to better synchronize these encounters with the ultimate goal of allowing leaders to connect in their natural environments and drawing them even closer together.

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Workplace from Meta

Workplace from Meta

Workplace from Meta is a unified system for group chat, video conferencing, and a business news feed. It facilitates working together, transferring files, and holding live meetings. It improves morale and employee involvement inside the company and facilitates more open communication among employees. Employees can also reach out to coworkers they would not normally interact with. It’s great for hybrid offices since it can accommodate a wide range of team compositions.

The platform’s user-friendly layout means it doesn’t require any special instruction to get up and running. It has taken the place of email and internal workplace networks for many users. The Forrester Total Economic Impact research estimates that this will save communications professionals and HR managers roughly five hours each week.

One other perk is the simplified communication with branches in different locations. An intuitive smartphone app and a desktop browser extension make this feasible. The software also uses sophisticated machine learning to sift information, provide useful recommendations, and “downrank” less important stories in the news stream.

In addition, Meta’s Workplace has a strict policy against data breaches. The program allows users to sign up without using their Facebook credentials, and users may choose to simply have their first names shown or use the he/she/it pronouns. It also has two-factor authentication, monitoring for malware and password usage, and a security panel.



Simpplr is one of the greatest intranet programs that make working fun and easy for everyone. It’s a center for technologies that encourage participation, such as chat, doc sharing, and workflow. Modern intranets help create a strong corporate culture by bringing employees and managers together in one place and allowing for open lines of communication.

Even if an employee isn’t very tech-savvy, they may still use Simpplr to its full potential for creating and finding relevant material. And it keeps upgrading the product by adding new features on a regular basis.

With the use of various measures like read receipts and analytics, a cutting-edge intranet can also make sure that individuals are really reading the materials they are supposed to read. As an added bonus, it may facilitate feedback through the use of hassle-free employee experience surveys and polls.

Adoption is a key issue that may make or break an intranet. The goal of any excellent intranet is to make it the default platform for internal communication. In addition to facilitating a speedy onboarding process, it should make it simple for new recruits to access relevant information and do critical tasks on their first day.

Companies like AAA, DocuSign, and Eurostar depend on Simpplr to help them improve their operations. Artificial intelligence (AI) technology underpins this cutting-edge social intranet solution, which aims to improve communication inside the company and strengthen ties between staff members. In addition, it has several tools that might help you get more done, including as intelligent search, calendar integration, and smart feeds. Its mobile apps make it possible for teams to coordinate their efforts from any location.



Workvivo is a tool for team building through communication and cooperation. It unites distant and frontline personnel with an intranet that enables simple access to critical information through features like a personalized activity feed, real-time chat, and live video streaming. It also helps with teamwork and information sharing, and it’s compatible with services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

In the customizable Workvivo activity stream, users may publish and discuss news, shout-outs, articles, and more. It’s also a great tool for conducting polls and surveys to get a feel for the mood of the company. In addition, there is a persons’ directory, communities where users may exchange and learn from each other’s expertise, and shared Q&A areas where groups can work together. Workvivo also has the capability to connect with other popular business applications like Slack, Zoom, and others in the areas of payroll and human resources.

Reviews and user feedback indicate that Workvivo is intuitive and offers a wide range of customization options for its users. Some users have complained about its occasional slowness and crashes. The absence of emoji compatibility is another drawback of this mobile app.

Workvivo is an app that aims to improve workplace culture by facilitating communication and collaboration through a streamlined dashboard and easy onboarding process. It also helps teams work together by letting anyone “ghost publish” information, so that anyone on the team may make a post in someone else’s name. In addition to a repository for institutional information such as policy documents and operational manuals, it is compatible with other popular collaboration and productivity apps.

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HCL Connections

HCL Connections

HCL Connections is an enterprise social network that facilitates the creation of dynamic networks for sharing knowledge and collaborating on projects. Activities, Blogs, Bookmarks, Communities, Files, Forums, Homepage, Metrics, and Profiles are all part of the suite of apps. With HCL Connections, you can always keep in touch with your team no matter where you are or what device you’re using.

By consolidating all of a company’s internal communications, tasks, and connections in one place, HCL Connects ensures that all teams remain enthusiastic and productive. To facilitate productive processes and better project management, it centralizes news and material in shared areas for teamwork. A customized Orient Me homepage and the option to juggle many tasks at once are just a couple of the time-saving features provided.

Reports based on metric data reveal how users interact within certain groups or with HCL Connections as a whole. When a user does something like read a blog post, add something to an activity’s to-do list, make a change to a wiki, or join a community, that’s considered an event. The PowerCube and reports on metrics are filled with data from these occurrences. Scheduled data refreshes of the metrics cube keep system performance at an optimal level. Metrics for an owner’s own community are available automatically, and managers can be given access to global metric reports if necessary.

Whether you want to host your own IBM Domino server or use a third-party service, HCL Connections has you covered with a full suite of social software features. You may streamline your business operations by integrating it with your corporate email and calendar. The HCL Connects Service Desk is there to help with issues and provide data as well.



Axero use a cutting-edge digital workplace platform to facilitate teamwork, communication, and the administration of projects. Hundreds of businesses and organizations of all sizes utilize Axero to build stronger communities, increase productivity, and speed up growth.

Axero provides a robust system that is simple to use on computers and mobile phones. Intuitive search tools and a comprehensive personnel directory facilitate rapid discovery of the documents, contacts, and data you require. In addition, Axero makes it easy to modify the homepage, making your intranet the destination of choice upon waking up.

Use calendar software to keep track of appointments, deadlines, and other events. Create and edit event reminders and schedule changes from any device, at any time. With Axero’s task management features, you can delegate work to team members, organize projects into phases, and keep tabs on progress without having to resort to email.

Make private areas where teams may work together and invite anybody from inside or outside the company to join. Having designated areas is especially helpful for financial institutions that must adapt to new information and laws on a regular basis.

Use wikis and consolidated documents to make sure everyone is on the same page regarding company rules and procedures. Thanks to Axero’s flexible permissions system, administrators may tailor access to different areas, document types, and users. Additionally, Axero’s analytics tool provides insight into the behavior of your intranet’s users in real time.



Happeo is one of the best intranet programs that have a UI that works equally well on computers and mobile phones. It needs to get workers up and running quickly with minimum instruction. Access to critical information and the ability to work together as a team are other important features. Lastly, the finest intranet software should be simple to update and manage.

Employees are more invested and productive with a well-designed Google intranet. Happeo is a cutting-edge intranet solution because to its extensive connectors and user-friendly interface. The normal ramp-up period is 6-8 weeks, and it is simple to install and maintain.

Teams can only function efficiently when they have access to a reliable collaborative intranet. Happeo’s social and collaborative features make it easy for staff to pool resources like knowledge, ideas, and media. It’s simple to upload media such as films and photographs, and interactive features like as comments, tags, and sharing facilitate conversation. Project management and progress reports are only two of the many useful collaboration features available in Happeo.

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The sophisticated analytics offered by Happeo reveal important information about the effectiveness of internal communications and content. Insights like this allow for the discovery of flaws and the implementation of data-driven fixes.

Happeo offers a mobile-friendly and adaptable intranet platform for businesses of all sizes. Make the platform your own and give your staff a sense of belonging right away with our comprehensive Branding Add-On. Users may sign in with their existing authentication information from their employer, since we also support Single Sign-On (SSO) and SAML. With Happeo, they don’t need to remember yet another login to access your Google and Microsoft apps.

SAP Jam Collaboration

SAP Jam Collaboration

This workplace social collaboration technology may speed up sales cycles, boost employee and customer involvement, cut down on training expenses, and more. To keep everyone in the loop, SAP JAM serves as an internal social interaction platform where management can share news of new projects, employees can express their gratitude, and teams can report their progress. It’s essentially a little social network where everyone in the company can communicate with one another.

In many cases, there is a lack of rapport and communication between onsite and offshore personnel. SAP Jam may help fix this problem by providing a platform for the team to gather virtually and participate in social activities like picture contests and voting on the top technical blogs. In addition, many new employees struggle since they have no idea how their job is moving or with whom they are collaborating on a worldwide scale. To avoid this, you may create a unique SAP JAM page for them and fill it with all the information they could possibly need about their projects, clients, etc.

With the addition of the External Data widget, SAP Jam users may also bring in information from third-party apps to showcase on their team’s homepage. This is a developer-only feature that necessitates the creation of a display component that binds to the OData APIs of these third-party applications by use of SAP Jam Annotations, as detailed in the present paper.


Noodle Intranet Software

With Noodle Intranet Software, businesses can centrally link their employees, information, and resources. Blogs, message boards, file repositories, electronic forms, and group calendars are just some of the social business tools available. As a result, workers are able to collaborate more effectively and enjoy coming to work more often. OneLogin, Okta, and Centrify are just some of the third-party products it works with for authentication and access control.

It’s applicable to a broad variety of sectors, from consumer goods to banking to business to franchises and even philanthropies. The learning curve is low, and the product is straightforward. It has both on-premise and cloud deployment options. The Red Lion Horsell, the Essex County Library, and the Virginia Eye Institute are just a few of their regular patrons. Vialect is the company behind Noodle and is responsible for customization and support.

Although many intranet providers have consumer evaluations on their sites, it’s important to check beyond them for reviews from companies in your field. These may give a more fair and accurate assessment of the program.

Costs like software license, modifications, hardware, and maintenance and support may add up quickly when planning an intranet. That’s why it’s crucial to calculate the whole price tag of a digital workplace solution before committing to one. Find out if the seller provides continuing or occasional help, and if so, how much it costs. Find out if a demo or trial version is available to assist you in making a choice.


The finest intranet software will offer a wide range of features and functionalities that will be useful to your company. Think about what functions you and your team need most in an intranet software solution. Once your intranet software is up and running, you can take it to the next level by including productivity sites into it.

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